9 years ago
Australian police have just arrested an ISIS supporter who they believe was planning a terror attack on New Year's Eve. Ali Khalif Shire Ali attempted to obtain an automatic rifle to carry out the attack in Melbourne, police said. Shire Ali is a 20-year-old Australian-born citizen with Somali parents. Police said he downloaded instructions from an al Qaeda website to learn how to carry out a terror attack.
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9 years ago
In this clip, a very good looking Taylor James plays 'Samson' who is attempting to convince his parents that he should marry a woman of another tribe. Watch the whole scene here.
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9 years ago
Denis Flynn, who says he was sexually abused by both of his adoptive parents in Los Gatos reads a poem he wrote.
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9 years ago
Police Capt. Eric Larson describes the scene after the infant girl and her parents were found dead in what he said on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, appears to be a murder-suicide. Video by Robert Cohen, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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9 years ago
The Balancing Act welcomes three successful
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9 years ago
Actor Phil Dunster tells BUILD what it was like to walk the red carpet with his parents at the Olivier Awards after he was nominated in 2016.
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