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6 years ago
Each year during the vernal, or spring, and autumnal or fall equinoxes, there’s a rumor about this magical moment where eggs can be balanced on end.
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10 years ago
The Wisconsin State Journal's Tom Oates talks about the state of the Milwaukee Bucks after their trade brought Eric Bledsoe to the team.
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10 years ago
President Trump praised his relationship with Rodrigo Duterte after the two leaders met in Manila as part of Trump's Asia tour. The leaders met for the first time in Vietnam at an economic summit. “We’ve had a great relationship. This has been very successful.” Trump told reporters Duterte has been criticized by human right advocates for his war on drugs on has left 4,000 dead in the Philippines.
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10 years ago
Steve Kerr discusses Stephen Curry
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10 years ago
President Trump Participates in an Expanded Bilateral Meeting with President Xi Jinping. He talks about the amazing dinner and meeting he had with President Xi Jinping. He also talks about what a great relationship he has with the Chinese leader as well as trade and the chemistry he has with the leader.
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Should America be taking notes on the Kenyan election?
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