10 years ago
Charles Manson's Grandson Wins Battle For His Corpse A court decided Charles Manson's frozen body will go to his grandson, Jason Freeman. Manson died nearly four months ago at a hospital in California, and his body was kept frozen. Four different parties fought over Manson's corpse in court. The Kern County Coroner's office kept Manson's body at an unknown location since his death. Freeman said he plans to cremate Manson's remains.
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2 years ago
Tawanna Simms sparred with hopefuls for annual charity boxing event in 2015. Money raised from the fights is given to Backstoppers, Inc., a nonprofit that helps families of the fallen.
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2 years ago
Klay Thompson discusses news interview
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These two bucks were spotted fighting on a street. As the animals wrestled each other, they ended up pushing themselves into a construction area. In the end, one of the bucks managed to untangle its antlers from the other buck and ran away. 
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3 years ago
Baseballs are flying out of the park in this year's World Series. 8 home runs were hit in Game 2, which is a new record for most home runs in a single World Series match. Players and fans are now wondering, is it heat? Or is it juiced balls?
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Jalopnik's Mike Ballaban and Raphael Orlove head to North Carolina to get a taste of BBQ and skid car racing. But first they need to rebuild the beast —a Mazda 626—they hope will carry them over the finish line.
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