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4 months ago
Overwatch Moira released and Mercy Nerfed & more
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6 months ago
Rian Johnson is reportedly being eyed as a possible contender to helm Star Wars Episode IX now that Colin Trevorrow has left the project.
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7 months ago
Video games are pretty darn serious for some people. When Xbox 360 went on sale back in 2005 and "gamerscore" was introduced to keep track of in-game achievements, gamers went nuts trying to best each other. One man, Ray "Stallion83" Cox, was better than all others for 11 years, but that streak recently came to an end. While on his honeymoon this week, Cox was dethroned by Stephen "Smrnov" Rowe, TrueAchievements reported.
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10 months ago
AJ and Taylor give Ripley's Aquarium of Canada a full 5 passport stamps - find out why in this exciting 5th edition of the This is Toronto summer series.
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10 months ago
Meet B.JaWuan, a Global Citizen of America, who gives haircuts to homeless people in Philadelphia and says family values drives his impulse to give back. Brought to you by Global Citizen and Johnson & Johnson in support of the 2017 Global Moms Relay. Join the relay with Global Citizen here. Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global generation that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges.
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10 months ago
Thomas Edison said, "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits." The number one reason people procrastinate is because they make stuff too hard. Always make the environment fun when you work. This is how you setup your office. Use a treadmill desk, lift weights, or watch the basketball game on TV. Don't sit at a desk unless you have to. How you work is just as important as the work itself. Invest in your health and you will have a productive body.
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