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Marie is sick of taxpayers spending so much money
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April 1st? Water Bear Don't Care! Tardigrade at 40x Magnification - More Water Bear Stuff - How To Find Water Bears - Water Bear Don't Care - Subscribe here: Science Raps here: Follow Me: SnapChat: Coma Niddy Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter: PBS Digital Studios
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This video is part of my “Video Math Joke” series. I do not claim to be the creator of the original joke (most are rather old), but I wanted to place a new spin to them by putting them in video form. You can watch them without the black bars on the sides when you see them on either Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat (original videos were designed for these platforms, not YouTube). Graphics are from clip art collections I have licensed.
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Listen to our EP "DEUX" for FREE on Spotify! Visit our website for all the latest news + tour dates! Subscribe to LifeofMeganandLiz for weekly videos from us! ---------------------------------------- Buy DEUX on iTunes here: Hi my loves! As I'm sure some of you know, anxiety and OCD are N O T fun.
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A major American Cancer Society study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, shows an alarming increase in rates of colorectal cancer among young and middle-aged adults in the United States. Though colorectal cancer rates in the U.S. have declined since the 1980s, Generation X and millennials have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the rate of rectal cancer compared to those born around 1950.
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