GTV is a digital entertainment network where you can find, watch and share programming from a wide variety of digital content creators.  Our advanced personalization algorithms cut through clutter to automatically create a custom channel guide just for you. Similar to music services like Pandora, GTV learns what you like and what you don’t – simply by using it.   Log-in with Facebook from any connected device to see what your friends are watching, access your channel guide, and program your own channel.


Our global video distribution platform offers content owners a robust channel to distribute and monetize their programming – both through GTV.COM and network of brand-safe publishers in our syndication network. We do all the heavy lifting and you get paid. We put your content in front of viewers when and where they want it via any connected device. You control when and where your content is distributed with our intuitive rights management control panel. In-depth analytical reporting enables real-time tracking of viewing statistics, ad fill rates, and detailed revenue reports.  


Our video syndication platform offers easy access to a massive library of high quality, fully-licensed commercial content from leading brands. Content can easily be embedded into your websites to enhance audience engagement and provide an additional source of incremental revenue. You get paid whenever a video is viewed on your site or network. Adding engaging content from the GTV platform enhances audience engagement, keeps people on your site longer, and provides an additional source of incremental revenue. Chose specific videos, original series, or categories to embed on your site, or let our system automatically select contextually relevant programming based on the content of the page.


For advertisers, GTV provides a hyper-targeted and more organic way to interact with you target consumers.  We offer a wide variety of advertising types, including Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, Overlays, Banners, Takeovers, Sponsorships, and contextual CPV campaigns to promote branded content. We offer creative solutions to develop, produce and distribute engaging branded content campaigns that are highly effective at transmitting a message to consumers without being obtrusive or disrupting the user experience.  We are always excited to collaborate with agencies and brands to devise out of the box solutions for influencing their consumers, so please get in touch.


GTV is a full service digital media company focused on producing innovative branded content designed to engage specific target audiences.  We combined imagination, experience and technology to provide a  one-stop shop for bringing your ideas to life.   Leveraging our global production infrastructure and digital distribution platform, we provide turnkey services for television networks, websites, charities, bands and brands to produce and distribute high quality video content to any connected device worldwide.  We offer competitive rates and love to collaborate.


We offer turnkey solutions for nonprofits to extend donor outreach far beyond physical events. Broadcast your next fundraiser and make it accessible to more than a billion people worldwide. Online broadcasts can be distributed on your website, Facebook and Twitter page as a way to engage donors that were not able to make the event. Supporters interact with the ‘virtual event’ from anywhere in the world: watch live, learn about the cause, share via social networks, and donate. Viewers also have the opportunity to make donations via an embedded link to your site (or Causes.com). Please get in touch for more information.