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These people were in a village in India when they realized that two blue bull antelopes had fallen into a well. After lowering an excavator into the pit, they tied ropes around the animals and lifted them to safety.
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Obama urges leaders to 'think before you tweet' During his trip to India, Obama shared some wise words at a leadership forum. “Think before you speak, think before you tweet.” The former president also discussed the Paris Climate agreement and religious intolerance. He praised India for its role in fighting climate change and gave advice to its citizens about how to address religious segregation. "This should be nourished and cultivated."
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Each day in Mumbai 4000 men in white outfits and
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Learn the story behind a simple yet radical idea that transformed into one of our most beloved products on the market: HEATTECH.
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Video oficial de Telemundo Señora Acero 4
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