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Here at one of Paris' newest cafe, not only can patrons expect a good cup of coffee, but also a good dose of feline love. The "Cafe des Chats" is the city's first cat cafe, where Parisians unable to keep pets in the cramped city-center apartments can get their dose of "purr-therapy," says manager Margaux Gandelon.
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New research shows this type of praise works better at motivating children and turning them into problem-solvers.
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Tax filers who file late in the season not only tend to owe more dollars, but are more likely to become identity theft victims.
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This symposium builds on the recent release of LGBT Bioethics: Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue, a groundbreaking special report, co-edited by Tia Powell and Mary Beth Foglia and published as a supplement to the September-October 2014 Hastings Center Report, a leading bioethics journal. Politics
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Company CEOs Richard Moross, Nina Godiwalla and Mike Germano discuss how to manage stress in their respective Chief Executive Officer job roles. Moross manages stress by letting go. Godiwalla manages stress by finding small moments each day to meditate. Germano manages stress by reflecting on positive team moments. This is a Capture Your Flag Career Video Compilation. To learn more about Capture Your Flag’s mission to bring Near Peer Learning to the world, visit
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Amazon Studios director Roy Price argues that game-changing TV shows come from rule-breaking directors and captive audiences. Economy
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Bed wetting might be more common than you realize in children over five. We take a look at what the physical and emotional causes might be, and offer some practical tips to help you stay calm and deal with the situation.
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