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Lee Enterprises
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This compilation video shows Hurricane Irma highlights ranging from pre-storm preparations, to eye wall and storm surge footage.
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Video shows the victim bloodied and trying to escape.
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Mylan's shares dropped after it said that delays in launching key new drugs and lower prices for generics in the United States will hurt its profitability this and next year. Fred Katayama reports.
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This is the exciting conclusion of AJ and Taylor's 3 part story on the EX. AJ has an exciting interview with Capt. Hatta Snowbird 6 of the Canadian Aerial Demonstration Team - Buckle Your Seat Belts!!
Kids Travel News
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Agreeableness. Look for it...
Tai Lopez
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A vlog from James Reeves (as part of our Gratitude Challenge) from the beautiful (and slightly noisy) Bahamas, where he has been giving a Restful Being Yoga Nidra Retreat. Today's theme is all about embodying gratefulness. Walk the talk, and bring gratefulness into your life, not just in your thoughts but in your actions too!  Learn more about our Gratitude Challenge here: Please subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.
Ekhart Yoga
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Founded in 1995, Dad’s Garage is a non-profit comedy theatre located in the Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. With award-winning Atlanta improv comedy, scripted shows, and a fully-stocked bar, we're a major part of Atlanta nightlife. Come see us Wednesday through Saturday, every week of the year. We do it all from improv classes, theatrical plays, corporate workshops, private shows, video production, and more! Find out more information at
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Thank you Sergeant Daniel Curtis Phillips for allowing the College Football Hall of Fame to be apart of your Re-Enlistment ceremony. Thank you to all the women and men who serve our country.
College Football Hall of Fame
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Meet the face behind the voice, new Morning Edition Atlanta host Leah Fleming. Fleming shares what she plans to bring to the broadcast and how she wants to hear from listeners. Listen to her from 6am-9am weekdays.
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Salesloft is prospecting automation software that increases qualified demos and appointments by 300%. They are the simplest way on the internet to build accurate and targeted lists of prospects, and they are the fastest growing B2B startup in Atlanta. Salesloft went from 5 employees to 46 in a little over a year, and these Villagers have quickly positioned themselves as leaders in scaling a SaaS startup.
Atlanta Tech Village
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Cisco Ramon ... we get a good Vibe from this guy. Crispy talks to musician and actor Carlos Valdes (The Flash) at Dragon Con 2016. Subscribe to dragoncontv for more of this nonsense. Also follow us on Twitter (dragoncontv), Facebook & G+. Please?
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As the culture capital of the south, arts and entertainment play a huge role in the Atlanta community. As the state of Georgia’s official ballet company and one of the nation’s oldest, the Atlanta Ballet is integral in supporting the city’s arts scene. That’s where artistic director Gennadi Nedvigin comes in.
Atlanta Ballet
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The new Panamera was unveiled in Singapore with a spectacular show that combined abstract imagery, music, vision, and performance. View more in this video. Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Panamera Turbo: 9,4 - 9,3 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 214 – 212 g/km;
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Subscribe to the MERRY JANE Newsletter for the latest video release and everything cannabis: Summer is on its way, and that means it’s time to plan your next weedcation. Whether you’re hitting up Colorado, California, or any of the states that have legalized recreational marijuana across the country, don’t leave all of your weed at home when leaving to the airport just yet. If you think that it’s illegal to take marijuana on a flight, well, you’re right.
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I'm gonna prix. WASN'T THAT FUNNYjQuery18308662536744298255_1495144209390 Click to Subscribe ► Game Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► Want updates on what's new and coming soon? Our email list! ►
Game Grumps
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Discover our brand new website, designed for you. Visit today!
Harvard Business Review
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Nick returns with Strain Review Saturday, this time covering the Chemjack, a cross between Chemdawg and Jack Herer. This is a particularly frosty sample of Chemjack that really shines on the close up shots! Drew's Theory Soundcloud: Nick on IG: TheCCC420 on IG: CCC420 Website and Merch coming soon..
The CCC 420
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Om-nom-elette! That's how great this jam packed spiced goats cheese & tomato omelette tastes. It's official, we don't make enough omelettes, they're epic! Get the recipe: HUNGRY FOR MORE? Subscribe to SORTEDfood and press the bell button to get notifications each time we post.
Sorted Food
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On March 30, Atlanta came to a near standstill when a section of a major highway collapsed from a fire. In a city that’s synonymous with traffic, this could have devastated daily commutes. But our hometown came together to make it work.
Chick Fil A
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As part of CNN's #MyFreedomCampaign, Derreck Kayongo, CEO of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, discusses what Freedom means to him. Join the #MyFreedomCampaign to empower students to stand up for the 5.5 million children living in slavery right now.
Center for Civil and Human Rights
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